01. My uncle just bought an old Jaguar Roadster, and is planning to [restore] it to its original state.
02. The [restoration] of the old theater is expected to cost over a million dollars.
03. The Louvre in Paris has undertaken to [restore] some old paintings by some of the masters, paintings that were damaged in a fire a couple of hundred years ago.
04. The military has been called in to [restore] order in the area where the rioting took place.
05. Certain groups are pressuring the government to [restore] the death penalty, but the majority of public opinion is against the idea.
06. A proper diet, and plenty of rest have helped to [restore] her to good health.
07. He made his fortune [restoring] old character houses and then selling them at a huge profit.
08. It took the city over a week to [restore] order after the looting that followed the earthquake.
09. The old house has been [restored] to its original condition.
10. They work [restoring] antique furniture.
11. Military rule is widespread in countries in which the army is frequently called upon to [restore] order.
12. There is a New Zealander proverb which observes that old canoes can be [restored], but youth and beauty cannot.
13. Arthur Schomberg once wrote, "The American Negro must remake his past in order to make his future. History must [restore] what slavery took away."
14. In April, 1987, nineteen leaders of groups opposed to continued military rule in Chile signed a statement calling for a peaceful effort to [restore] democracy to that country.
15. Following the Gulf War, observers say that it was difficult to [restore] law and order in Kuwait because so many Kuwaitis had become suspicious of each other.
16. In March 1998, the elected government of Sierra Leone was [restored] to power, replacing the military regime which had taken control in a coup in the previous year.
17. In 1988, Morocco and Algeria [restored] diplomatic relations after 12 years of bitter political disputes.
18. In 1660, the English Parliament called for the [restoration] of the monarchy, and invited Charles II to return from France.
19. Sleep functions to [restore] and repair both the body and the brain.

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